Getting rid of dandelions is a whole new battle

Getting rid of dandelions is a whole new battle when you have acreage to cover....#weedandfeed #lawncare #lawn #homeownership #diy #handyman #sprayer
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Maintaining a lawn is work.  Once the weeds are gone, grass can grow well.  Getting rid of the weeds is the task this year.  Usually, once the weeds are gone, the have a hard time coming back.  Hopefully, one maybe two years of this will be enough.  I generally don’t like using chemicals.  When talking to a toxicologist, he says as long as it is mixed properly and wash your hands, things will be fine.  We’ll see.

Taking off the side to get to the good stuff

Taking off the side to get to the good stuff....#sawmill #woodworking #timberking #diy #wood
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Sawmills are an interesting machine.  So much power and ability to take what was once a tree and makes boards.  The boards aren’t finished to a point they can be used for furniture, but finished to a point that a woodworker can do the rest in their shop.  When first looking at the mill, the though is how precise can this saw be?  It was good enough to be impressive for the size.  It can get a board within an eighth of an inch of desired thickness.  That is good enough for most of us to run through a lunchbox planer to get to a finished thickness.  Usually, a woodworker wants boards to be a quarter inch to a half inch oversized to ensure the final is even.  Of course, none of the boards really should be used until they are dried, or kilned to a proper moisture level, otherwise the boards will move more during the natural drying.  Patience is key for those of us that don’t have a kiln.  Set the freshly cut boards to the side for a couple years and buy a moisture meter.  By the time the plans are drawn and the rest of the household chores are done, the boards are probably dry.  With most of our lists of chores, it could be years.

After listening to Jody on WT&T, they say don’t let them sit without running

After listening to Jody on WT&T, they talked about small engine maintenance.  They say don't let them sit without running...#diy #smallengine #smallenginemaintenance
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Welding Tips and Tricks is a good podcast to listen to when wanting to learn to weld a little better.  The experience they have is outstanding, and can help us hobbyists from making mistakes.  The episode I am referring to now, they talked about engine driven welders.  While I don’t have one, they mainly talked about small engine maintenance.  Most of us DIY types have a few small engines to maintain.  So, on a sunny afternoon, these three were drug out and ran for a while.  Good thing, as two of them didn’t want to start easily.  A tip I heard on the podcast was to get gasoline without ethanol.  I will get that next time I need to buy a jug of gas.